How would it be if you could get rid of pain and re-claim your energy?

Imagine being able to relax completely and get beyond the relentless chatter of the mind.

Namaste, I’m Claudine and a warm welcome to Yoga Seeds. We’re based in Bagshot, and easily reached from Lightwater, Windlesham, Ascot, Sunningdale, Camberley and the surrounding areas within Surrey and Berkshire.

Claudine MartinIf you’re experiencing any sort of pain or restriction in your body, I know how you feel. I had chronic hip pain for 15 years following a sports injury. That led me to yoga, which led me to Somatic Movement Education, or ‘Somatics’ (it’s like re-setting your body’s computer back to normal).

Perhaps you’re also curious about mediation and what that has to offer. For me personally it has been the single best thing I have learnt, ever! [more about me]

My goal is to help you learn. To learn how to have a more comfortable and balanced body. To learn what to do for a calmer mind.

So, whether you have back pain or are feeling overly stressed, or you just want regular time for yourself, connect with me to see how I can help you best. That might be on a one-to-one basis, where I will provide you with a programme specifically tailored to your personal needs. Or you can join one of my group classes or workshops.

I look forward to sharing my experience and expertise with you.



“Starting yoga in my mid fifties seemed to me to be quite a challenge, but I loved it.  Claudine has a rare gift – she enables you to do the “impossible” while making it such fun in the meantime.  It is hard work, but a good discipline, and now I have gained a flexibility in my body which just makes me feel so much better and younger. I like to think I appear younger and more sprightly!

I was nervous about it to start with as I had lower back and neck problems but it has helped so much with those and taught me correct posture which has made such a difference.  I have always found it so incredibly difficult to switch off from daily life/problems, but yoga has helped me so much to focus the mind and again some peace.

That hour and a half with Claudine was special “me time”, which I treasured greatly, and where I often felt in a different universe – the relaxation sessions at the end were just bliss and I didn’t feel guilty about enjoying them.”

Ann Lambourn