Claudine Martin


I first discovered hatha yoga about 20 years ago while trying to recover from a sports injury.  It was before yoga became mainstream and was really a last resort – the one thing I could do without being in too much pain. I had ongoing hip pain from the injury, made worse by the fact I was a fitness instructor at the time and didn’t rest enough. It began to hold me back. I tried everything from physiotherapy, osteopathy, sports massage, bowen technique, shiatsu and rolfing to many other passive therapies. Some of these helped but I then developed lymphoedema in my other leg and eventually had to give up the activities I enjoyed most. It felt as if my body sort of gave up. I later realised it just needed a different approach to start healing.

My yoga practice became my solace. It’s hard to describe the changes as they have been gradual yet transformational.  In 2002 I was introduced to my spiritual teacher, Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupanda, who helped me understand more completely about the ancient wisdom of this vast and deep subject – yoga asana or ‘postures’ being just a small part of the yoga system. Through the easy yet powerful method of mantra meditation I was recommended to practice everyday, my life has been influenced in so many positive ways. Yoga wisdom is ultimately about self discovery, and how to be happy!


A Physical Healing Journey

About 4 years ago I came across Hanna Somatics. Through this amazing neuro-therapy, I am mostly free of hip pain, which over the years had become chronic. It was a complete revelation because, although yoga postures helped in many ways, the pain still held me back. I developed pain in my other hip and sometimes my leg would give way from under me. After a short walk I would be hobbling. Not exactly a good advertisement for a yoga teacher!

ClaudineSomatics-91Somatics is an actual solution because it involves the brain via the nervous system, and is not just a temporary fix. Now when I get tension or twinges I can immediately release my tight muscles and move easily again. This is available to all of us.

I apply the principles of Hanna Somatics in all my yoga classes and with my private clients. Combined with easy meditation practices, I teach you to be more self-aware, get rid of pain and tension. I help you find relief from stress and a deeper level of relaxation.


Taking Control of Our Health

My experiences have led me to the firm conclusion that self-care is the future for our personal health and wellbeing. I believe ancient wisdom and nature, combined with certain aspects of modern science, gives us a huge array of possibilities for successfully taking care of ourselves. But we need guidance.

If you have ongoing muscular pain, stress tension, or your body simply doesn’t move as well as it used to and you’re not happy about it, get in touch. It really doesn’t have to be that way.

Up Close

I’m a home-educating mum of a lively and creative 9-year old boy who probably teaches me more than I teach him! He challenges me and pushes me to the edge, and I think (hope) I’m a better person because of him.

I love the fresh air, so when I’m not teaching or coaching clients, I try and make time to get outside and move – which usually means walking or mountain biking in our neighbouring forest. And for winding down – somatic movement to re-set physically. Getting together with friends for kirtan meditation is what I find to be the very best way to re-set my inner compass.

Professional Bio

I started in the health and leisure industry in 1994 and began my personal yoga and meditation journey a few years later. I have been an avid student and practitioner of Bhakti yoga and mantra meditation since 2002.

I qualified to teach hatha yoga with Karuna Yoga School in 2006 and completed foundational training in Yoga Therapy with the Life Centre and Yoga Biomedical Trust in 2008.  I went on to study other hatha yoga modalities: Pregnancy and Post-natal Recovery; Mother & Baby, Toddlers and Children; and have spent some time teaching children of all ages in nursery, primary and secondary schools, as well as in the home education community.

I am a Level 2 Somatic Movement Coach and student of Clinical Hanna Somatic Education. I continue to study with Tanya Fitzpatrick at Align Somatics, and Martha Peterson at Essential Somatics.


“After just one class I could immediately see Claudine was a caring and professional person. She is great ambassador to those who want to study yoga – calm, knowledgeable and patient.

Working with Claudine has given me a ‘can do’ attitude where I thought I was too old, unfit and stiff to benefit. I have enjoyed seeing my body become more comfortable through somatic movement exercises, and learning that I can do certain yoga positions if I modify them with her help.

I now have less pain and stiffness in my shoulder, lower back and legs. I have improved my balance and flexibility, and I have grown the confidence to continue when I could so easily have given up! The classes and workshops are always enjoyable and relaxing too, however hard I have worked.”

Denise Maunsell