You may be thinking that meditation means having to sit still and trying not to think. You may also think “I can’t possibly do that.” And you’d probably be right! But actually, you don’t have to. Meditation is so much more —practicing has both mental and physical health benefits. On a deeper level, it can bring inner peace and real happiness.



Meditation is part of the yoga system. The ancient yoga texts teach that we are spiritual in essence and that we need to understand our true identity in order to be satisfied within. Meditation brings us to this point. Mantra mediation is especially recommended for this day and age, where are minds are easily disturbed.

Using mantras for meditation is very easy – anyone can do it. And anyone can benefit regardless of age or current physical condition. It is a time-tested and globally recognised process, proven to enhance your life is so many ways:

– Understand the workings of the mind

– Reduce stress and anxiety

– Improve mental focus and ability to make better life decisions

– Increase confidence and self-discipline

– Develop positive character traits, such as compassion, forgiveness and humility

– Develop spiritual insights and fulfil a higher purpose in life

In my meditation classes and workshops you will learn easy mantra meditation techniques that can be included in your daily life. Kirtan is a group meditation with music, and is the most powerful and uplifting practice you will experience.

All my meditation sessions are not-for-profit. Following ancient tradition, they are always taught for free – a gift of love handed down throughout the ages ♥

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