Group Classes

Group classes are for those who want to experience the transformational effects of these gentle yet highly effective movements in a regular class. Without stretching or forcing, you will learn how to restore comfort and flexibility in your muscles and at the same time learn how to consciously relax. There are so many other benefits from these classes, such as improved mobility, balance, posture and breathing, and reduced anxiety and stress.

A Somatic Movement practice can help you feel younger, move better and mostly importantly, help you to continue or improve other activities you love, including yoga! In fact, somatics is the perfect partner to any other physical activity or sport.

Group somatic movement classes run as progressive courses, each having a particular focus.



The Myth of Aging 

In his book ‘Somatics – Reawakening the Mind’s Control of Movement, Flexibility & Health’, Thomas Hanna put forward the idea that the body degenerating as we age is a myth, and that it is really due to lack of movement and loss of brain-to-muscle connection.

Our bodies regularly respond to stress with natural (automatic) reflex patterns. If we get stuck in these patterns our bodies can develop pain and dysfunction, what Hanna calls Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA).

In this introductory course you will learn the nature of SMA, how it occurs in the brain and how to reduce the effects that normally occur by middle age. The course is progressive and gradual, focussing on areas where SMA occurs. We start by improving sensitivity and control in the centre of the body, moving out to the periphery, and then the two major functions of the body, namely breathing and walking:

Week 1 – releasing muscles and letting go of tension in the back of the body

Week 2 – releasing muscles of the front of the body to improve posture and breathing

Week 3 – movement patterns for lengthening the waist and ‘straightening up’

Week 4 – spiral twisting for a freer moving trunk

Week 5 – connecting freer movement of hips, legs and feet

Week 6 – dissolving neck & shoulder tension while reprogramming both hemispheres of the brain

Week 7 – improving breathing – more air, less effort

Week 8 – learning the forgotten art of efficient walking


This is a progressive 8-week course running every Tuesday 6.30 – 7.30 pm from 15 January – 5 March 2019


If you would like to any more information about the course, please contact me.