Private Clinical Sessions

Hands-on clinical sessions offer the quickest and most effective changes for your body. They are a re-education – a re-learning for your brain focussed on your specific needs, habitual movement patterns and muscular pain.

We start with a postural and joint assessment to help us determine what is moving well and where there is restriction. You lie on a low table and with hands-on help I will guide you through gentle, easy movements, and assisted pandiculations to help regain your brain’s awareness of muscles and movement.

At the end of the session you will learn specific somatic movements to practice each day. This 5-10 minute daily commitment reinforces work done in the session and provides long-term tools for you to manage your own aches and pains and daily stress.

As a Clinical Somatic Educator in-training, I am currently offering special rates for private clinical sessions:

1 Session – £29.00


3 Sessions for £75.00

Initial session is 75-90 minutes, and subsequent sessions are 60 minutes.

I have day-time, evening and weekend appointments available. Please contact me for more information or to book.