Somatic Yoga



Working with Claudine – it’s personal. She takes the time to get to know people, what they want to work on, where they have concerns / injuries and adapts to suit the class in front of her. I think that’s pretty special.

Liz Walker

Somatic Yoga is a gentle and mindful practice combining traditional yoga postures with the scientific principles of Hanna Somatic movement education – a unique brain to muscle re-education to help you unlock unnecessary tension and improve awareness of your body from the inside out.

With specific movement sequences we unlock areas of the body which might be stuck or unresponsive by re-programing your brain-to-muscle connection.

We begin each class with simple but precise somatic movements to help recognise and release patterns of held tension. Through these movements we re-programme the way our brain senses and controls muscles. Somatic movements help us regain voluntary control of key muscles, and is the most effective way to relieve tight and painful muscles for the long-term.

We follow this with a sequence of strengthening and restorative postures, and finish with a deep and conscious rest.

These classes are perfect for anyone wanting to help ease and/or eliminate symptoms of lower back pain, stiff neck, frozen shoulder syndrome, as well as enhancing other physical activity or yoga practices.

Somatic yoga has helped me to move pain free for the first time in years as well as rebuilding my body after pregnancy.

Beccy Alford