Yoga for Pregnancy

Yoga is the ideal exercise for the pregnant woman. It is widely recommended by midwives and doctors to expectant mothers as a way of keeping fit and mobile.

“Thank you very much for a lovely chilled out class this morning. I felt better within minutes of the class starting.”  Kate, 41½  weeks pregnant

Benefits of yoga during pregnancy:

  • keeps the body supple without straining
  • boosts energy
  • relieves stress and anxiety
  • relaxes and promotes restful sleep
  • can be used to relieve pain in labour and childbirth
  • can relieve common minor ailments during pregnancy (e.g. swollen joints, heartburn, constipation)
  • can help the expectant mother to bond with the unborn baby through breathing and visualisation techniques

My classes offer a system for learning and using yoga throughout pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond. You will learn simple but effective breath and relaxation techniques, yoga postures to manage common physical ailments, and visualisation practices to build confidence and assist in easeful birth.

Everyone completes a registration form prior to starting, and each session is always preceded by a supportive sharing time to assess and evaluate the changing physical and emotional needs of each student.

The classes offer an holistic programme of breathwork, relaxation, postures, movement and meditation suited to all stages of pregnancy, from 14 – 42 weeks. Pregnancy yoga enhances the vitality, mobility, general health and emotional well-being of the expectant mother; it also provides a valuable quiet space in which to form a bond with the unborn child and to prepare for birth.

“Taking the pregnancy yoga class was something I looked forward to every week.  I felt that my baby and I shared this sacred time and yoga practice, and I loved having a space where I could relax and connect with him.  As a first-time mum-to-be, the yoga class helped me to be centred and to manage my jitters.  Going into hospital for the birth of my son, I was glad to have learned some tools I could use during the labour.  I highly recommend the class; it is really a very lovely way to spend time with your baby.”  

Carolyn, mum to Harry

“I started the pregnancy yoga classes at 12 weeks and continued until 41 weeks! I couldn’t recommend them enough. I believe the classes kept me physically fit and also helped me to deal with the emotional side of pregnancy. Also the support I receive from the other ladies attending the course, all at different stages of pregnancy, was invaluable. The relaxation and meditation helped me get through a labour the ended after 30h in an emergency c-section. The chanting is also great now at calming my little boy when he’s distressed. I can’t thank you enough Claudine!”  

Kate, mum to Oliver

Class information

I recommend beginning the classes in the third month of pregnancy and continuing throughout in order to gain maximum benefit, but it is possible to begin at any point in your pregnancy.  Although classes are pre-booked, there are no fixed start and finish dates for ‘courses’ of classes: this means that you have the chance to join the classes whenever convenient.


For information on bookings, prices and schedules, see the classes & bookings page.

“I found that yoga was a huge help during pregnancy for relieving back and hip discomfort and the relaxation techniques were good for getting to sleep in the later part of pregnancy.  I also know that being practiced in the position of  ‘all fours’ to relieve pressure helped enormously throughout contractions and I found this a great position for labour too. The deep breathing also got me through contractions in the early stages-very pleased that I could focus on this.  Would absolutely recommend pregnancy yoga to anyone expecting.”

Karen, mum to Josh

“I am so grateful to you for the yoga practices and techniques that you have taught me through attending your classes. These practices were key to me being able to cope with the labour which was very long… At all times I felt calm and in control. I was able to find a ‘calm place/peace of mind’ through contractions using the breath. I certainly would have no hesitation in recommending yoga as a strategy for coping with labour.”

Victoria, mother to Imogen and Scarlett